update! bike tire workshop at 11

the bike tire workshop which was planned at 15.00 is now in the morning at 11!

we start at 11, see you there

Bike Tire DIY workshop!

by Alexandra

Got a flat tire? Old punctured bike tubes are the perfect material to get creative with! In this workshop you can make your own belt, bracelet-cuffs, body harness, strap-on harness, or whatever else you like.

After a short explanation of how to use the plyers, rivets and other tools, we will set to work in small groups so we can help each other out. During the workshop it is possible to take a break whenever you need it.

We will take care of the materials. But if you have some old inner bike tubes or belt buckets lying around, you are welcome to bring them and tansform them into something new.

Program | Read more about the workshops!


Here is more about the awesome program we have for Saturday!


Support & recovery workshop

Description: As activists, we encounter many high-stress or violent situations. We have often minimized our emotional reactions to these experiences. At best, we just “take a break until we feel better.” But why? We have medics and legal teams to protect us – our mental health should be taken just as seriously. A support and recovery (S&R) team does just that by providing first-response assistance to people after a high-stress experience with the goal of preventing an intense experience from becoming a long-term problem in an activist’s life. In this workshop, Rense (they/she/he), a member of an S&R team, discusses the reactions that you can experience, which factors contribute to recovery, and what an S&R team can offer. After the presentation, we consider what makes each of us resilient and draft a personal protest-recovery plan. We also look at how to practice recovery and psychological first aid with a protest buddy or affinity group.

About Support & Recovery team:We are a Netherlands Based Support & Recovery team, website: https://supportrecoveryteam.wordpress.com, currently consisting on 10 members and in the process of training more.

  • Where? OCCII theatre
  • When? 11.00 – 13.00 (2 hours)
  • Open to everyone


Decolonizing historical issues of queer and sexual liberation

Description: This interactive workshop puts the decolonial perspective into practice byproviding education on historical issues of queer and sexual liberation in the context of decolonisation.

About So: So Roustayar is working as head of the council for the political party Amsterdam BIJ1. So is also active as an activist in antiracism, queer and feminist movement. In the past 15 years he worked for refugees, this is the work he is continuing as an activist but also in the council of Amsterdam.

  • Where? OCCII office
  • When? 11:00 – 13:00 (2 hours)
  • Open to everyone


Calling-in and calling-out workshop

Description: How to address problematic behaviors and call each other out in ways that actually help our community? In this workshop we will discuss how our experiences influence the way we call each other in and out and ask questions such as: what’s in our heads when we call people in/out? what are our aims? what shit experiences have we had and how did they effect us? what were our good experiences being called in and how did they change us? what the hell is call out culture and how do we stop it? is it ever good? How are our practices influenced by the punitive justice systems around us?  What privileges are involved in calling in/out?

About Georgia: I’m a non binary disabled dyke, I love doing creative projects and gaming, I’m working in tutoring, youth work, with a bit of disability advocacy on the side.

  • Where? RPM
  • When? 13.00 – 15:00 (2 hours)
  • Open to everyone


Psycho-magic drag workshop

Description:This psycho-magic drag workshop is inspired by Jodorowskzy´s dubious attempt at psychology mixed with the theatricality of Braziliantelenovelas, all of it in drag. The workshop proposes a fictionalizion and dramatization of personal struggles whileexploring the infinite possibilities of gender that one can live and/or imagine for a moment on stage. The aim is to offer an alternative exchange of experiences in a safe environment.

About Clara:Clara Saito’s BA in Dance and Choreography (School for New Dance Development, Amsterdam) is congruent with her interest in dance and performance as tools to explore and expand the limits of the self, the position of art in our society, and its possibilities to enact effective changes in the world. Her work is usually collaborative, and she has curated events such as Black Circus, an anarcho-queer cabaret that oscillates between performance and party, and it is organized in alternative social centers throughout Europe. Equally interesting is another curated event called The Anarchic Spider-Man (gallery Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam), in which characters such as Spider-Man, a queer acrobat, and a naked Clara abandoned the white cube to run into the streets. This specific work in combination with her life experiences became the base for her reflections on anarchy, freedom, and sustainable practice to be expanded during her current research period at the MA program at the Dutch Art Institute (NL).

  • Where? OCCII theatre
  • When? 13.00 – 15:00 (2 hours)
  • Sign-up only (maximum 10 participants)

!! Note: costumes will be provided, but participants are encouraged to bring more!!


Introduction to bypassing locks

Description: This skill-sharing session involves methods of bypassing locks and security measures on doors with tools such as crowbars as well as a number of other techniques.

About Gallows:I’m Gallows, a queer-anarcha-feminist non-binary femme, obsessive geek, and activist, primarily engaged with work surrounding housing, antifacism, and supporting migrants’ struggles.

  • Where? OCCII office
  • When? 2 2-hour sessions (13:00– 15:00 and 17:00 –19:00) sign-in
  • Open to everyone


FOC IT UP! Comedy club

Description:This stand-up comedy workshop for Femmes of Color focuses on comedy as a tool for empowerment. It touches on the importance of honesty, vulnerability, and identity within comedic expression.

About FOC IT UP!:The Femmes of Color Comedy Club celebrates and centers the perspectives of POC in comedy who identify as women, non-binary, or more feminine-of-center. To challenge the status quo in comedy – an industry dominated by white males – we have a 100% No-White-Males-Onstage Guarantee! Founded earlier this year by American comedian Kemah Bob, the FOC IT UP! Comedy Club holds monthly shows in London and performed for two nights at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this August. This is comedy by Femmes of Color for everyone – check your privilege at the door!

  • Where? Theatre Munganga
  • When? 13.00 – 15.00 (2 hours)
  • POC-only


Bike Tire DIY workshop!

Description:Bike Tire DIY workshop by Alexandra

Got a flat tire? Old punctured bike tubes are the perfect material to get creative with! In this workshop you can make your own belt, bracelet-cuffs, body harness, strap-on harness, or whatever else you like.

After a short explanation of how to use the plyers, rivets and other tools, we will set to work in small groups so we can help each other out. During the workshop it is possible to take a break whenever you need it.

We will take care of the materials. But if you have some old inner bike tubes or belt buckets lying around, you are welcome to bring them and tansform them into something new.

  • Where? RPM
  • When? 15:00 – 17:00 (2 hours)
  •  Open to everyone


Queer contact improvisation workshop

Description:Contact Improvisation involves the exploration of one’s body in relationship to others by using the fundamentals of sharing weight, touch, and movement awareness.  It plays with the artistry of falling off balance, counterbalance, finding the shelves of the body, learning the mechanics of the body in order to handle someone else’s weight or be lifted, breathing techniques, and can involve the art of getting to know your partner past the physical point through the physicality. This is a dance form that’s open to all body types and athletic levels. With this workshop we want to pass on knowledge of basic technique, and if time allows we’ll talk about possible ways to incorporate CI into other areas of our lives, including our activism.

About KatieLee & Bear: KatieLee is a lecturer, researcher, mother, and dance enthusiast with a special appreciation for Contact Improvisation (CI) in all its facets.Bear is an educator, performer and activist who is interested in what CI can bring to activists in general and queers in particular.Together they facilitate the monthly Amsterdam Queer Jam, which currently takes place at OT301 on the 3rd Sunday of each month.

  • Where? Theatre Munganga
  • When? 15.00 – 17.00 (2 hours)
  • Open to everyone


Included Isolation: discrimination and isolation within queer (and) non-white communities

Description:Non-white queer people and queer POC are often excluded from our White Western society – this is not news. But what about internal exclusion, within “communities”? This workshop explores these themes through art, discussion, and expression.

About the Colored Qollective: As a new, Utrecht-based organization, our purpose is to provide a space and platform of and for inclusion, education, interaction, and artistry between and within non-white and bicultural queer communities. We aim to do so through art, discussion, workshops, and other such events.

  • Where?OCCII office
  • When? 15:00-17:00 (2 hours)
  •  POC-centered (sign up max. 15-20 participants)


 Queer choir

Description: Singing together is a beautiful and bonding way to celebrate, and if you’ve ever enjoyed a wild night of karaoke then you know what we’re talking about. During the workshop, you will be invited into the world of Amsterdam’s Queer Choir for Women and Non-Binary People. During the workshop we will sing “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These)” by the Eurythmics. By choosing this song we are supporting female co-lead, Annie Lennox who has been a longtime supporter of LGBTQI rights. During the workshop, we will break into separate choral sections. In these small groups we will work through the choral arrangement of the song. We are going to practice singing in harmony as well a few other techniques to carry the different features of the song. In the evening, everyone that takes part in the workshop is invited to join us on stage, as a choir, to open the Radical Queer Resistance evening program!

About the Queer Choir: The organizers are two queer women who live in Amsterdam. We decided to begin a choir in response to our disappointment in the lack of meeting spaces in Amsterdam for lesbian, bi, and otherwise queer people who identify as women or non-binary. We meet every second Wednesday at the NieuwLand in Amsterdam Oost. To get in contact, please email tanya.lippmann@gmail.com or find us on Facebook (Choir for Queer for Women and Non-binary People Amsterdam).

  • Where? OCCII Theatre
  • When? 15:00-17:00 (2 hours)
  •  Open to everyone


Play parties workshop

Description:Is a play party just a sex party? Join the Cookie on Cookie* team as we explore the pleasure of play! Play parties are spaces where you can experiment in a way that is affirming, sexy, and maybe even erotic. Play can host many       forms: impact play, role play, ice breakers, breath play, and more! We know that sometimes it can be difficult to create a game, so we’re here to help. This Cookie on Cookie team workshop will let you embrace your playful side. In this POC-centered workshop, we investigate the pleasure of playing and demystify what can happen at play parties. We open by sharing and discussing consent, agency and boundaries and by asking for what we need. We collectively look at how play and playing are opportunities for healing and working against oppressive structures in our everyday lives. Our team will guide you in the pleasure of play and teach you some games that can help you in your negotiations.

About Joy:My name is Joy Mariama Smith. I am a 40+ non-binary queer poly kinky person of color from the east coast of the United States. I am an artist, facilitator, and activist who has been living in the Netherlands for the past two years. I co-host POC-centered queer play parties called Cookie on Cookie and lead various somatic workshops against white supremacist culture, racism, sexism, femmephobia, and other topics.

  • Where? RPM
  • When? 17.00 – 19.00 (2 hours)
  •  POC-centered



Join us for an evening of spoken word, performance art and DJ dance party at the OCCII.

Here is the LINE UP

DOORS open after dinner

DONATIONS ACCEPTED at the door …..


9:00pm – 10:30pm  DJ JEEZ LOUISE

10:30pm – 10:40pm THE QUEER CHOIR

10:40pm – 11:40pm Kemah – FOC IT UP!! comedy club

11:40pm – 12:10am Lady DaDa and Kirk Dickriot

12:10am – 12:30 am Everything you need to know about the Global Obesity Epidemic
By Louisa DoloXXXa and Her Skinny Bitch

12:30am – 3:00am DJ FLOOKA and DJ Laï Escaper

almost time!! check out RQR guidelines

Safer Space

Radical Queer Resistance will not tolerate racist, sexist,
transphobic, homophobic, biphobic, femme phobic, ageist,
ableist, classist, xenophobic, antisemitism, islamophobia
homonormative or oppressive behavior or language of any
kind. You will be expected to take responsibility for all your
isms and phobias at the festival, so unlearn your shit before
you show up. Or be expected to work on unlearning your
shit and work on it hard!!
We depend on our queer family and allies to create queer
community spaces free from discrimination, violence and
hate. There is only room for people who make room for
others so we reserve the right to deny space to anyone who
breaks these principles.
There is no official safer-space policy this year. It’s usually
good to have a bunch of rules to help resolve conflict, but a
policy creates a false sense of security, an unrealistic expectation,
a make-believe “safer-space”. The unfortunate
reality is that queer spaces are not and can not always be
safe for certain people/groups/identities, and queer communities
are not exempt from perpetuating oppression. We do
not believe that it is possible to be above oppression just by
saying that it’s “Not allowed at Radical Queer Resistance”.
We would also like to question whether queer spaces should
necessarily be ‘safer’. A safer space looks great on paper,
but it ends up being a space where there is very little room
to challenge ourselves and other queers. Some of us need
to face our privileges; others might need to face their oppressors.
“Safer-Space” sometimes can be uncomfortable at
the same time “safer-space” is supposed to give us security.
With this in mind If you experience or witness any behavior
which crosses your boundaries, makes you feel uncomfortable or if you feel the need to talk to someone we will do
our best collectively to offer solutions and support. There
will be volunteers at the festival specifically assigned for
conflict resolution and mediation.

Boycott of Israeli products

We simply believe that, regardless of your politics, the repeated
breaches of International law, Human rights conventions,
and huge levels of bloodshed involved in the occupation
cannot be ignored, or justified. This is why we uphold a
boycott of Israeli products.
As such, we endeavour within our festival to give no material
aid whatsoever to the occupation; this means in addition
to us not providing goods of Israeli origin, we request you
to please not bring such goods into the festival. Not all of us
know Israeli products, but some of us do, and you may be
approached if we see that you are bringing these products
to Radical Queer Resistance.
If you wish to find out more information about the Boycotts
Divestments and Sanctions (BDS) movement, go here:

Vegan Space

All food served at the festival will be vegan. The festival will
be held in various vegan spaces so we ask that food brought
in is also vegan. This includes food products used in performances,

Consent, boundaries and bodies

Radical Queer Resistance is a body positive, and pro-nudity
space. However, this does not simply mean we are in favor
of naked bodies; we are in favor of people’s autonomy
to enjoy their bodies in whatever way they see fit, without
harming others. The way in which such an environment can be fostered is through respect for the potential difference
of people’s boundaries, and remembering the need for informed
consent to maintain this.
We will NOT police bodies but will act against bad behaviour.
We have zero-tolerance for non-consensual touching, staring,
commenting or any behaviors which might make others
feel uncomfortable. You do not have to physically harass
or touch to be asked to leave. We hope to create an environment
that gives all our queer bodies freedom of self-expression.
This means, that if people are nude, or semi-nude
around them, you treat them as you would any other person:
you don’t stare, you don’t invade their bodily space,
and you don’t make them feel uncomfortable being nude.
Having said this, if you chose to take your clothes off, you
must also be considerate of each others’ boundaries and
bodily space.
If you are naked, and you touch others bodies without asking
first (for instance, by running through a crowd) you do
not know the potential traumas that you may evoke for
those persons, or more generally, the discomfort you may
trigger by invading their bodily space with your naked body
without their consent. This also extends to more basic features
of how you move around space inhabited by others,
and how you interact with others (for instance, asking for
one’s consent before you hug them when nude or seminude.)
Be comfortable to express yourself, to enjoy your body in
whatever state of dress you want, but always be considerate
of other’s boundaries, and always ask their consent
when interacting with them.

and NO PHOTOS !!


Radical Queer Resistance is intended to be an open space
where people feel comfortable to express and explore their
identities, be they clearly defined, or not, sexual, gender or
otherwise. Part of doing this is respecting the way in which
people choose to define themselves and the ways in which
they wish to be referred to. A key part of this is respecting
people’s pronouns.
Many people choose to use pronouns outside of the he/her
binary; you should respect this. Pronouns need not corroborate
the way in which they express or present their identity
or the way in which you read their body as, for instance, a
particular gender. A good general rule is to use gender neutral
If someone tells you their pronouns use them, regardless
of your own reading of their body, mannerism, or your
thoughts on the grammatical correctness of their pronouns.
When you misgender someone, (use an inappropriate pronoun
for someone) you are saying that your ideas about
their identity are more important than the way they feel and
understand themselves.
Everyone can make slip-ups with this; we’ve been conditioned
by society to judge others bodies. If you slip up, and
someone ‘calls you out’ on this, do not react defensively,
or aggressively. Apologize and try to do better in future. It
may feel hurtful, judging you as bad person, but this is not
about you or your feelings. This is about structural oppression
and respecting everyone’s autonomy to explore and
express their identities, and supporting them in this.

Cultural Appropriation

This means that if it is not from your OWN culture, please
do NOT represent it, or dress up as it.
Using another person’s culture to represent either oppression
or freedom comes off at best, pretentious, naive, or
insensitive, and at worst, racist and stereotyping. We share
our struggles, but we still must each tell our own story by
using images and details from our own background. Romanticizing
another culture or race can also be a form of stereotyping.
When we speak for/about the suffering of another
race or culture (even to bring awareness to their struggle)
we must also acknowledge our own privilege and locations
within the histories of colonialism. Part of the history of
colonialism is speaking for and/or silencing by controlling
information. At Radical Queer Resistance, we want to give
personal voice to the issues, create a dialogue, listen to
each other, break the stereotypes and respect our differences.
Complaints and Conflict Resolution
If you feel offended, or if an important issue comes up in
a workshop, performance, party, or with another Radical
Queer Resistance participant, you can find a conflict resolution
monitor or RQR organiser to help you. The conflict
resolution team will try to help to resolve as much as they
can. If something happens at the parties that you need to
talk to someone about, please go to the people on the door
who will help direct you to someone to talk to. Unfortunately,
we cannot provide a quiet space to talk but we will help
as much as we can.
While we cannot promise to resolve the conflict we will do
our best to make sure all voices are heard.


There will be zero tolerance of physical and verbal violence.
If you feel angry and upset and feel the need to use verbal
and or physical violence then we ask you to go directly to a
friend or a conflict resolution monitor. We ask that you do
not escalate the situation. If you are a witness to violence
or hear verbal violence against someone at Radical Queer
Resistance we ask that you report it immediately to a volunteer
or conflict resolution monitor. All conflicts must be
dealt with through our conflict resolution crew. There is no
need for violence. If there is any type of violent behavior at
Radical Queer Resistance you will be asked to leave immediately.


We want to protect our crew and avoid the burn out that
happens every year. We are a DIY festival and all of us are
volunteers. Anyone living in and around Amsterdam is welcome
to come to meetings and be part of making this festival
happen.Every year Radical Queer Resistance has a small
but steady crew who not only work long hours at the festival
but months before in preparation.
Therefore we reserve the right to consider the feelings and
needs of our Radical Queer Resistance crew above that of its
daily participants. This means that if an active worker truly
feels uncomfortable and is in severe conflict with a daily
participant of Radical Queer Resistance, we may ask the
participant to leave the workshop/party/space, and in extreme
circumstances even the festival its self.
Also Radical Queer Resistance organizers can request that
people they currently have extreme conflict with, be asked NOT to come to events they organize and or be in spaces they must work in.

Proposal call out has ended

Hey Radical Queer Resistance Day is in it’s final planning…woot woot..THANKS to all
the proposals!
We are not accepting any more proposals for September 8th. The planning team will be contacting all the artists and facilitators to confirm.
Once the confirmation process is completed Radical-Queer-Resistance 2018 team will announce the program and other essential information.